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Congratulations to Mr. Sheehy!

He was voted by our Gideon family as our Teacher of the Year.

Mr. Sheehy is known for his costumes, golf pants, and basketball coaching along with his normal classroom duties. He encourages students to do their best and keeps them excited about learning. Gideon is lucky to have this fun teacher on our campus.

These are his 3 favorite quotes.

“Teach by the 3 P’s – Preparation, Partnership, & Passion”

“ Be a great teammate, not a good teammate, a great teammate”

“This is a customer service job, and our customers are 8 & 9 year old’s. If your service stinks they will be sure to let you know by their words or actions”.

Thank you for everything you do Mr. Sheehy.

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Meet Makaiyah: She came to us from a nearby district and was more than two grade levels behind. However, after 1.5 years in #RTI and breakfast club (our morning reading tutorial group), she fell into tier 1 on iSIP for the first time ever. Gators are so proud of her. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Please help us celebrate her improvement by liking this post.

Way to go Makaiyah!🎉🎉🎉

#gideongatorsrock #title1 #readingcounts #misdliteracy #oneteamonedream #wearemisd

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Come support Musical Gators and Ukulele students as they perform Hawaiian music at the Center for the Performing Arts on Debbie Ln.

Below are a list of the Performers

11:00 AM            Shepard/Cross Timbers Orchestra

11:15 AM            Martha Reid Drum Club

11:30 AM            Willie Brown Choir

11:45 AM            Gideon Choir & Ukulele

12:00 PM             Daulton Choir

12:15 PM             Neal Choir

12:30 PM             DP Morris Choir

12:45 PM             Shepard IS Choir

1:00 PM               Judy Miller Choir

1:15 PM               Danny Jones Musical Theatre

1:30 PM               Wester Musical Theatre

1:45 PM               Brockett Step/LHS African SU

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Lady Gators Schedule

Thursday, January 23rd                                                              @ GHES

·         5:15p Hawks(Red) vs. Tigers -3                                    BYE – Gators

·         6:00p Hawks(Black) vs. Tigers – 4

Wednesday, January 29th                                                           @ ENES

·         5:15p Gators  vs. Tigers -3                                            BYE – Hawks(Black)

·         6:00p Hawks(Red) vs. Tigers – 4

Wednesday, February 5th                                                           @ GHES

·         5:15p Hawks(Black) vs. Tigers -3**                             BYE – Tigers-4

·         6:00p Hawks(Red) vs. Gators

Wednesday, February 12th                                                         @ ENES

·         5:15p Gators  vs. Tigers - 4                                           BYE – Hawks (Red)

·         6:00p Hawks(Black) vs. Tigers – 3**

Wednesday, February 19th                                                         @ GHES

·         5:15p Gators  vs. Hawks (Black)                                   BYE – Tigers-3

·         6:00p Hawks(Red) vs. Tigers – 4

Thursday, February 27th                                                            @ OWN HOME CAMPUSES

·         5:15p Hawks(Red) vs. Hawks (Black)   (@ GHES)        BYE – Gators

·         5:15p Tigers -3 vs. Tigers -4                 (@ENES)        

Saturday, February 29th – End of Season Tournament                                     Location - @ TBD

·         Game 1 (8:30AM) - No. 3 Seed vs. No. 5 Seed

·         Game 2 (9:30AM) - No. 2 Seed vs. No.4 Seed

·         Game 3 (10 :30AM) - No. 1 Seed vs. Winner of Game 1

·         Game 4 (11: 30AM) - Winner of Game 2 vs. Winner of Game  3


Game Locations:

Glenn Harmon Elementary (GHES)

5700 Petra Dr Arlington, TX 76017

Erma Nash Elementary (ENES)

1050 Magnolia St, Mansfield, TX 76063

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Gator Boys Basketball Schedule

Below is the schedule this season for the Gideon Gator Basketball team & a list of league rules that each team fill have this season.

-         Games will have a running clock until the last minute half.

-         Goals will be set a 9 feet.  No full court press allowed

-         Parents are expected to show respect to all players, coaches, & referees. If a parent yells at referee they will be asked to leave the gym and will not be able attend future games. 

-         All games will be held at James Coble Middle School – 1200 Ballweg Rd, Arlington Tx, 76002. Please arrive no later than 10 min before games.

-         Game shirts will be provided & collected after each game.

-         Players should where jogger shorts (black if possible) for the games.

Game Schedule

1/27 - Mon -  6:10 – Vs.  Jones – Court 2

2/3 – Mon -  7:00 – Vs. Tipps – Court 1

2/10  -  Mon - 7:00 – Vs. Spencer – Court 2

2/18 –  Tue - 6:10 – Vs. Davis – Court 2

2/24- Tue  – 7:00 – Vs. Harmon – Court 2

3/2 –Mon -  6:10 – Vs. Brockett – Court 1

3/16 – Mon -   7:00  – Vs.  Reid – Court 1

Playoff will be the week after Spring Break. I will let you know the schedule once it is posted. The first round should be @ Coble and championship at Timberview.

Please remember this league is competitive so playing time will be equal. We have 15 players and I will try to get everyone at least 2 minutes of playing time, and more if possible.

Players are expected to maintain good academic standing with their teachers and can be taken off the team by any teacher or administrator at any point.    

Let’s have a great season and show are talent, sportsmanship,  and Gideon pride!

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