Mansfield Multicultural Event

Come support Musical Gators and Ukulele students as they perform Hawaiian music at the Center for the Performing Arts on Debbie Ln.

Below are a list of the Performers

11:00 AM            Shepard/Cross Timbers Orchestra

11:15 AM            Martha Reid Drum Club

11:30 AM            Willie Brown Choir

11:45 AM            Gideon Choir & Ukulele

12:00 PM             Daulton Choir

12:15 PM             Neal Choir

12:30 PM             DP Morris Choir

12:45 PM             Shepard IS Choir

1:00 PM               Judy Miller Choir

1:15 PM               Danny Jones Musical Theatre

1:30 PM               Wester Musical Theatre

1:45 PM               Brockett Step/LHS African SU