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Popcorn Fundraiser Begins!

Students will be taking home a permission slip to sell popcorn. Each box of popcorn is $60, and comes with three different flavors:

  • caramel
  • cheddar
  • kettle

Each bag of popcorn will be sold for $2. Students can earn prizes throughout different stages of sales. Signing the permission slip permits your child to participate, but also commits you to the box. There is no refund for unsold bags of popcorn.

All proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards updating the Gideon library for the students.

Thank you for your support!

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After- School Questions:

Asking "How was school today?" might not get you far. Instead, ask questions like these for a better picture of your youngster's day:


  • "What's the coolest thing that happened today?"
  • "Pretend you're the teacher. How would you describe the day?"
  • "What made you laugh today?"
  • "What was the most creative thing you've done today?"
  • How were you kind or helpful today?" or "How was someone kind or helpful to you today?"
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