History & Facts

School Namesake

Imogene Gideon Elementary School opened on Monday, August 13, 2001. The school was built with a capacity of 800 students.

The school was named after Imogene Gideon, former Director of Special Education Services. Mrs. Gideon started her education career in Slidell, Texas, after spending ten years as a missionary in Africa. She also served as Director of the Federal Teacher Preparation Program for Montague County before coming to Mansfield in 1980.

Shortly after arriving, Mrs. Gideon initiated the District's Gifted Education Program. Later, she pioneered the state and nationally recognized Inclusion Program, blending special needs children into regular classrooms with her philosophy that all children can learn.

Mrs. Gideon retired from the MISD in 1995 to move to Taiwan and aid in the development of a special education program at Morrison Christian Academy. Since returning to the States, she has remained active in education through her work at the Region XI Education Service Center.

Imogene Gideon is a woman who lets her light shine. Her impact on the lives of students, parents and the MISD will be felt for years to come.

Through her daily example, she continues to encourage and inspire those who know her. Mansfield ISD is proud to honor Mrs. Gideon with the dedication of Imogene Gideon Elementary School.

School Facts

School Mascot - Gators
School Colors - Green & Yellow
Grades Taught - Kindergarten through 4th grade
Teacher/Student Ratio - 1:20

School Song

Stand up, be proud, Gideon Gators
We're not just a school, we're family.
We're originals, not imitators,
So give it all you've got.
Your effort means a lot.
Give it all you've got--
Gideon Gators!

School Programs

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